If there is any attire that is completely Indian in character and style, it is Kurta Pyjama which has found multiple uses for men. When it is stitched in light muslin cloth with minimal embellishments, it acquires the status of a comfortable nightwear, most suitable for the Indian climate where we have summers for the maximum time. But kurta pyjamas have long ago been adopted as a fashion wear in traditional attires which never fail to leave an everlasting impression of poise, grace and handsomeness.

Yellow Color Art Dupion Readymade Kurta Pajama | Vol3R159

Indian men’s features and personality go very well with the Indian attires that create an aura of desi style which one must admit is not so desi. Rather it has been recognised, accepted, approved as well as appreciated at international level, fascinating people globally with its glowing charm. This duo comprises of a knee length straight shirt with either band gala or Chinese collar. Length may vary and underneath a loose fitting but narrow trousers are worn which are known as pyjama. This outfit is generally complimented with a stole to complete the party or wedding look.

Off White Color Banarasi Jaquard Readymade Kurta Pajama | Vol3R153

If we go into the history of this authentic Indian attire, it makes us realise that it had always been there in pre-independence era though lost its influence as men were attracted to western outfits once the English declared themselves as the colonial rulers but soon it made a comeback and this time to stay forever with the Swadeshi Movement which boycotted the western wear.

    Splendorous Peach Color Banglore Silk Readymade Kurta Pajama | Vol3R144

Soon it became the recognised dress worn by Indian politicians which till date is their first love but Indian youth too have found their ethnic outfit most aptly suitable for Indian weddings. Our ace designers have made constant efforts to give a novel identity to kurta pyjama and that is why we see it in different versions, colours, cut and styles giving them edge above any other western attires.

Mustard Color Banglore Silk Readymade Kurta Pajama | Vol3R141

We at Indian Wedding Saree could not agree less that kurta pyjama is truly an attire which is immensely popular and exhibits it own style statement, stealing the show at any party. We have the most exquisite collection of kurta pyjamas in array of rich and luxuriant colours which are definitely going to create sensation wherever and whenever they are worn. We have them in variety of fabric, be it silk, raw silk, tussar silk, cotton, cotton silk, etc.

Enigmatic Orange Color Banglore Silk Readymade Kurta Pajama | Vol3R138

One can cast a magic spell with maroon or mustard yellow kurta pyjama which can be said to be traditional colours lending a festive look to their wearer. It is heartening to know that our kurta pyjamas are loved for the kind of impression they cast on others. You look your best as a bridegroom’s friend or bridegroom himself when you select one from our collection of richly embroidered or embellished kurta pyjamas. We have something to match everyone’s taste, be it the sober, soft coloured, lightly embellished kurtas or bright, vibrant and flamboyant ones with heavy embroidery.

Alluring Blue Color Banglore Silk Readymade Kurta Pajama | Vol3R139

Go with the fashion trends when you choose your kurta pyjama from Heenastyle, exclusive collection.