What happens when the wedding season is coming? Heena and the music acts all your close friends and family and that we all love our oh-beautiful Lehenga, while wearing them all work to shoot back-to-back effects can make you dozens of meaning! So, if you are looking for yourself in the same situation, then now it is time to remove the well-known gentleman who is a little away. But even the mind-pressing numbers of the Salwar suit styles and wholesale kurti in Surat can be confused with fashion consciousness! This trick is to choose a style that suits your body. So here's a quick guide to choose your body type.

 1) Anarkali

The most favorite style of all, anarkalis works for almost all body types. If you have a green and athletic body, you really do not have any worries. It is good to choose the right length of beautiful scenery, remove the full-length unrequested because they may be less visible to you, but if you were able to achieve full appreciation of spiritual blessings, and then avoid heavy furnishings and strict clothing. Choose a black color with bright colors with huge colors to hide those extra inches.

Floor Length Designer Pakistani Abaya Georgette Salwar Kameez in Magenta - 59609034Anarkali


2) Plazzo suit

Palazzo suits or sharara styling suits take the breath of fresh air for those typical salwar suits designs. Although it is difficult to resist the flavor of this chic style, it is advisable that small women will be away from this way. Straight line pants with straight line pants. The women who are long and wide shoulders really feel good because they adjust your frame. Unfortunately for women on the other side of the scale, Sharaara ends up adding the amount to your lower part.

Maroon Color Faux Georgette Straight Cut Sharara Suit - 404248805Partywear


3) Patiala suit

A safe bet for almost all body types, it all loves anyone. If you have one-hour glasses shapes and the highest height, this style is a match in heaven. However, if you are a bit bigger and short, just wait that you choose one with a shortcut and a Patiala salwar with a low amount.


4) Front Slit suit

Although this salvage suit style has brought sexy back to your waistline, it is advisable that the scale is not a style for women on the wide side. Athletic bodies or women with one hour of glasses can have a field day with this field. If you are crisp go for rigid clothes, but if you are heavy down, choose clothes like chiffon and Georgette. Little girls do not need to lose heart, throw them on a pair of high peaks and rock the leading slit suit as a lamp!