Marriage is a very important event in the life of every individual. Who isn’t happy or excited about their marriage?  It is one such moment of life which not only the would-be bride or groom awaits but also their families, friends, and acquaintances.  When it comes to dressing up for the big day nothing is better than Indian wedding sarees.

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When an Indian bride gets dressed up all in that heavily embroidered vibrant colored saree you cannot take your eyes off her. She looks mesmerizing and nothing can beat her down in looks. A saree is absolutely perfect for a wedding. If you are not from India and you are wondering what a saree is, but you want to try the Indian look for weddings this blog will help you out.

Everything about Indian saree :

  • It is a piece of a garment wrapped around the body with one end draped over the shoulder.
  • It is winded around the waist and then wrapped around the upper body.
  • The upper garment consists of a blouse or simply a proper breast-wrap that ends just below the bust.
  • Underclothes of a half-slip or petticoats are worn under a saree. This forms the wrapping basis of the garment. The striking element of a saree is that is pleated into folds and drapes.

Sarees come in different colors, designs, and materials. You can choose from a never-ending option for any occasion. Sarees for a wedding is the show stopper. Indian wedding sarees are exquisitely designed keeping in mind the grand Indian wedding style. It is usually made of bright vibrant colors. Red is the most preferred color. The embroidery is done using zardosi, zari brocades etc. To make it look gorgeous sometimes decorative finery such as gold, silver or stones are used. The material used may vary. But once you drape yourself in an Indian wedding saree get ready to grab all attention. You can also try Indian Salwar Kameez for a change. Heenastyle in Sydney is the one-stop destination for all Indian attires. Why wait? Go get yourself all the praises!Sarees