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An earring is a piece of jewelry attached to the ear via a piercing in the earlobe or another external part of the ear (except in the case of clip earrings, which clip onto the lobe). Earrings are worn by both sexes, although more common among women, and have been used by different civilizations in different times. 

Earring components may be made of any number of materials, including metal, plastic, glass, precious stone, beads, wood, bone, and other materials. Designs range from small loops and studs to large plates and dangling items. The size is ultimately limited by the physical capacity of the earlobe to hold the earring without tearing. However, heavy earrings worn over extended periods of time may lead to stretching of the earlobe and the piercing. 

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Earrings for women are like spices for food. They make your face look prettier and shapely, give you a new look and add to your style. There are many new models of earrings for girls that pop up in the market every day and roaming around searching for that one perfect pair of earrings can be really exhausting. Thanks to e-commerce, ladies can now buy traditional earrings, jewellery earrings and other fashion earrings online. Free from the hassle of walking around for long hours, you can now browse online for earrings of varied styles, fashion and brands. Here’s a glimpse into heena style exquisite collection of beautiful ladies earrings, out of which you can make a pick based on your style and occasion. 


According to Hindu dharmic tradition, most girls and some boys (especially the "twice born") get their ears pierced as part of a Dharmic rite known as Karnavedha before they are about five years old. Infants may get their ears pierced as early as several days after their birth.

Similar customs are practiced in other Asian countries, including Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Laos, although traditionally most males wait to get their ears pierced until they have reached young adulthood. 

Types of earrings

Stud earrings

The main characteristic of stud earrings is the appearance of floating on the ear or earlobe without a visible (from the front) point of connection. Studs are invariably constructed on the end of a post, which penetrates straight through the ear or earlobe. The post is held in place by a removable friction back or clutch. A stud earring features a gemstone or other ornament mounted on a narrow post that passes through a piercing in the ear or earlobe, and is held in place by a fixture on the other side. Studs commonly come in the form of solitaire diamonds. Some stud earrings are constructed so that the post is threaded, allowing a screw back to hold the earring in place securely, which is useful in preventing the loss of expensive earrings containing precious stones, or made of precious metals.

Hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are circular or semi-circular in design and look very similar to a ring. Hoop earrings generally come in the form of a hoop of metal that can be opened to pass through the ear piercing. They are often constructed of metal tubing, with a thin wire attachment penetrating the ear. The hollow tubing is permanently attached to the wire at the front of the ear, and slips into the tube at the back. The entire device is held together by tension between the wire and the tube.

Drop earrings

A drop earring attaches to the earlobe and features a gemstone or ornament that dangles down from a chain, hoop, or similar object. The length of these ornaments vary from the very short to the extravagantly long. Such earrings are occasionally known as droplet earrings, dangle earrings, or pendant earrings. They also include chandelier earrings, which branch out into elaborate, multi-level pendants. 

Dangle earrings

Dangle earrings are designed to flow from the bottoms of the earlobes, and are available in various lengths from a centimeter or two, all the way to brushing the shoulders. They are generally attached to the ear by the use of thin wires, which go through the earlobe and connect to themselves in a small hook at the back. A variation is the French hook design, which merely hangs from the earlobe without closure, although small plastic retainers are sometimes used on ends of French hooks. Rarely, dangle earrings use the post attachment design. 

Barbell earrings

Barbell earrings get their name from their resemblance to a barbell, generally coming in the form of a metal bar with an orb on either end. One of these orbs is affixed in place, while the other can be detached to allow the barbell to be inserted into a piercing. Several variations on this basic design exist, including barbells with curves or angles in the bar of the earring. 

Huggy earrings

Commonly, stones are channel set in huggy earrings. 

Ear thread

Or earthreader, ear string, threader, a chain that is thin enough to slip into the ear hole, and come back out, dangles. Sometimes, people add beads or other materials onto the chain, so the chain dangles with beads below the ear. 

 Wearing a simple lehenga or anarkali and need something to complement it? Well, Gold-Plated Stone-Studded Leaf Shaped Jhumkas are all you need! These lovely earrings are secured with a post and back closure. Pair them up with parted open hair, tucked behind the ear on one side, and a shiny bindi and you’re all set to slay!

If you plan on donning a velvety dress or an elaborate saree, go with Gold-plated Classic Jhumkas that have pearl drops and post-and-back closure. Pair them up with lovely cat eyes, bright lips, pulled back parted hair and ooze glamour as you move! 


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